Food and anxiety – some research

One of the things we show people on the Fear Course is the research into the connection between the food they eat and feelings of anxiety, including a couple of case studies we talk about on the course. Recently we have been doing some experiments with clients on diet and cooking methods. Here is a very brief summary of what we found. I will prepare a full paper and download it to the articles and notesarticles and notes area soon.

When we started the test the participants had a Fear Factor (FF) average score of 8.2 with a range of 7.7 to 9.6

The group who ate normally (No dietry change) had an average FF of 8 before the test and 8.1 afterwards.

The group who cut out all fried foods had an average FF of 8.1 before the test and 7.8 afterwards

The group who stopped eating refined sugar products, sweets, chocolate and other sugary foods AND drinks went from a FF of 8.2 to 6.4

The group who only stopped fizzy drinks reduced their FF 8.1 to 7.1

The group who cut out salty snacks, crisps, slated nuts etc. had an average FF of 8.2 before the test and 7.4 afterwards

Who ate raw vegetables only went from a FF of 8 to 5.9.

There were some other conditions (like stopping alcohol, caffeine, meat etc.) in the experiment which I will cover in the paper.

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