Festive Phobias & Christmas Fears

I thought I would compile a list of festive phobias.

These are all real phobias:

Selaphobia - fear of flashing xmas lights

Festivalisophobia - a phobia of the whole Christmas thing

Meleagrisophobia - fear of turkey (the bird not the country!)

Krikophobia - fear of church services

Ligyrophobia - fear of crackers going BANG!

Cyssanophobia - fear of kissing under the mistletoe

Teleophobia - fear of religious ceremonies

Syngenesophobia - fear of the relatives & relations

Siderophobia - fear of stars

Familiaphobia - fear of your family!

Mythophobia - fear of myths

Ghabhphobia - fear of presents or gifts

Phagophobia - fear of eating


Have a great and fear free Christmas from all of the Fear Course team.


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