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Is Anxiety Hereditary?

Is Anxiety Hereditary?

Is Anxiety Hereditary?

FREE Live Online Seminar

Wednesday 1st October 2014

19.00 (7pm) UK - 20.00 (8pm) CET - 14.00 (2pm) EDT - 11.00 (11am) PDT - 04.00 (4am) AEST


On the 1st October 2014 I will be holding a free live online seminar looking at what the latest research, much of it only published this year, has to tell us about whether or not anxiety is hereditary.

There are only 200 places available worldwide on this free, live 'no jargon' seminar. Book your place now before it fills up.


Is Anxiety Hereditary - Free Seminar

What people have said about previous seminars:

"Brilliant seminar - Thank you"

"David has a way of putting things over that make it really interesting and understandable"

"I can't believe you provided this for free"

"I really enjoyed the webinar. Thank you"

"Wow. That was really, really interesting"


"It's amazing to have a world class university lecturer live and available to answer your questions and for free! Thank you so much"

"I just wish I could be one of your students in Oxford. They are very lucky"

"I wish my teachers had taught with such humanity, clarity and passion as David does"

Book your place now


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