Emotional Resilience - what it is and what it isn't


I get asked a lot about emotional resilience and what it is. It is frequently misunderstood concept which this article will quickly clear up.

Variously I hear Emotional Resilience (ER) being used to mean:

  • Without emotion
  • Emotionless
  • The ability to cut off from your emotions
  • Not being effected by your emotions, purchasepurchase tadalafiltadalafil and several others.

Quite simply emotional resilience comprises of two elements.

  1. The ability of an individual to register and accurately identify their emotions in the moment (Emotional Intelligence), hospitalhospital findfind and
  2. Change their emotional state, clickclick therethere or reduce the effect of the emotion at will, if so desired.

Basically emotional resilience is the ability to be able to control our emotions rather than having them control us.

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