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Bride's Guide to Dealing with Nerves & Anxiety



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*How to deal with your nerves, worry and anxiety before and during the day of the wedding

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quote "I was so scared about the wedding. It was really ruining the build-up to my big day. I was literally worrying about everything. The Bride's Guide really helped me calm down and start to enjoy the process"

 Janice Warburton - Happily Married 23 June 2014


quote I can't thank you enough. This guide has been worth its weight in gold. I think I was making everyone else's life a bit of a misery before I started to do the course. It was really good. I would certainly recommend the course to everyone getting married.

 Sally Aldiss - Married Calmly July 2014


quote I can't believe the difference this has made. I was in a total flunk months before the wedding. Just thinking about it made me feel sick. I got your guide and I can honestly say it made a huge difference. I firmly believe you should enjoy the whole process, not be worried sick, and this helped me calm down and start to enjoy it all. Thank you. 

 Julie Brown - Married Without the Nerves August 2014


quote Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don't know how I would have managed without your guide. As you said, it was probably the cheapest thing of the whole wedding, but it had the biggest impact, for me and those around me I suspect.

 Jill Arncotes - Married Feeling Good - August 2014


quote As promised here is your report on the big day. It went off without a hitch and I was was as calm as pie thanks to your wonderful guide. I heartedly recommend it to anyone getting married. It really made a big difference  to me. Thank you again. Amy.

Amy Peach - Just Married 


This is probably the smallest amount you will invest in your wedding,

but it will be the one item that will have the biggest positive impact for you;

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What would it be worth to you to free of anxiety, worry and panic about your wedding?

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There are usually four main 'stress points' for brides on the run up to and during the wedding:

  1. The first problem are feelings of anxiety before the wedding. These can occur for months in advance of the big day for some people. These are known as anticipatory anxieties and can lead to increased stress which can in turn put strain on certain key relationships and cause poor decision making. Sometimes the bride is the last person to notice anticipatory anxiety. The Brides Guideto wedding calm and enjoyment will show you how to deal with anticipatory anxiety quickly and so reduce stress and strain during the run up to the big day.
  2. Secondly the night before the wedding, nerves can mean that the bride has a sleepless night thus adding to the stress and you don't really want to go into your big day dog tired. It is far better to be rested, refreshed and relaxed on the morning of the wedding. In The Brides Guide to wedding calm and enjoyment I will show you how to get a good nights sleep on the eve of your wedding with a couple of powerful techniques. Inciently you can use these techniques at any other time in your life to get a good nights sleep.
  3. The next stress point for the bride is the preparation for the wedding on the actual day. As the ceremony looms many brides find that their nerves increase and some even get panic attacks. The Brides Guideto wedding calm and enjoyment will show you in step-by-step detail how to deal with your nerves and even panic attacks if they occur and how to be perfectly calm and composed in the hours before the ceremony. A nervous bride often 'infect' those around them. A calm bride can help others to remain calm and really reduce stress. Not only that but people who are calm tend to enjoy things more. The Brides Guide to wedding calm and enjoyment will show you how to do calm and composed and enjoy these special moments as you prepare for the ceremony.
  4. The moment has arrived. It's the ceremony. We have all seen the videos of brides feinting, forgetting their vows, getting the name of the bride groom wrong and worse! Don't let these things happen to you, they occur only because of nerves and panic and The Brides Guide to wedding calm and enjoyment will show you how to be serene, calm and chilled during the ceremony. You may have noticed that it is hard to enjoy things when you are nervous, kill the nerves and increase your enjoyment on this special day. Additionally you will have noticed that the more nervous you are the harder it is to remember what has happened. We often get into a 'blind flunk' unable to think straight and remember very much. I will show you how you can not only be calm but also be able to think easily, enjoy and remember the best bits of your big day.




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