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A quick glance at the Online Fear Breakthrough Course


The Online Fear Breakthough Course has been specifically designed by anxiety experts to show you how you can take controlmof your emotions, sovaldisovaldi viagra genericviagra generic rather then them being in control of you, and how you can deal with anxiety and become much more confident.

Using the very latest techniques the course will show you exactly how, step-by-step you can deal with your anxiety and fears and learn to be much more confident in every area of you life.

Over 26 video lessons with handouts you will learn first how to deal with the fear of the fear and then rapidly how to take control over your emotions. You will even be shown techniques used with the military and emergency services, to calm down and kill anxiety in seconds.

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Frequently asked questions:


1. When will I get access? Do I need to wait for a course to start?

You will get access immediately. No need to wait. You can start right now.


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2. Do I have to reveal anything about myself?

No. You can remain completely annonimous and there is no need to share anything.


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 3. Does it really work?

Yes absolutely. Thousands of people just like you have dealt with their anxieties and fears with the Online Fear Breakthrough Course. And we always offer our famous 100% money back guarantee.


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4. How long have I got to finish the course?

As long as you want. The online course started in 2008 and everyone has unlimted access. We don't limit access in any way to members so you can come back months or even years later and get the very latest course and techniques whenever you want.


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5. Are there certain times of the day I won't be able to get access?

No. The course is open and available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So if you want to do some work or try a technique at 3 in the morning, just log in and get going.


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6. What if it doesn't work?

Simple. We give you your money back. 100% guaranteed. We do ask that you give it a fair shot though. These are skills and if you do the lessons we guarantee they work or 100% of your money back.


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7. Ok so what do I get?

You get the complete course of

  • 26 Video lessons
  • Handouts for the lesson so you can keep the main take aways without watching the video every time
  • Home work and practice. Skills to practice that will step-by-step, make you more and more resilient as you go though the course
  • Support if you need it. (There is a small extra charge for one-to-one expert support of £5.99 a month. But you don't need to take this option and you can cancel it at any time)
  • The very latest techniques. We are active researchers and practitioners in the areas of anxiety, emotional resilience and emotion regulation (the ability to control our emotions at will) and teach in unversities, the emergency services, the military, disaster managers and the public. If a new technique is developed we add it to the course. As you have 24/7/365 access, you get all the updates.
  • Handbook to download and print if you want
  • All the up-dates as the happen
  • As a bonus for signing up today - a free Confidence course.

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8. Tell me more about the one-to-one support

Ok. For a small monthly charge - £5.99, you get unlimited access to live experts in anxiety and emotional resilience. You get email support and two one-to-one calls (phone or skype) a month to get persoanlised help and guidance from an expert! So if you have any problems, get stuck or don't understand anything, you can just ask. We will be there to support you all the way.


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9. Tell me more about the bonus

We recognise that getting rid of your anxiety may not be enough. We don't want it to come back - ever. So the further you are away from the anxiety the better. So we have designed a special confidence course, which will show you, once you have dealt with the anxiety, how to become more and more confident in your daily life. People love this course and it really works. Most people are amazed at just how confident they are by the end of the bonus course. You get this bonus course absolutely free when you sign up today.


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10. I get panic attacks. Will the course help with that?

Yes. We have specialist sessions about killing panic attacks. And remember we also have the one-to-one support option. Most people have their panic attacks under control in a week or so.


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11. Will the course help me with phobias? I hate flying.

Yes. People have successfully dealt with all sorts of phobias and anxieties including:

  • Flying
  • Public speaking
  • Needles
  • Dogs
  • Spiders
  • Social events
  • Agrophobia
  • Drinking straws (yes really)
  • Heights

You name it we have probably helped someone with it.


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 12. How long will it take to work?

Well that depends on you. Many people get stuck into the course, follow the lessons, do the activities and usually are in control within about 10 days. Others only look in now and then. On average, if you follow the course and do the activities you should start to feel the benefit after the first couple of lessons.


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What people say about the course:


"Just amazing"


"I should have done this years ago. I wouldn't have had to struggle through all those years of stomach churning anxiety"


"Actually it was a lot of fun"


"I really enjoyed it"


"It works!"


"Does what it says on the tin."


"10/10 - top marks"


"If you had told me two weeks ago I would be in control like I am I wouldn't have believed you"


"Just thank you"


"You have given me my life back"


"They should teach this stuff in schools"


"I can't recommend you enough"





Don't take our word for it - listen and read what people are saying about this course:


A final call from a client: The scoring Duncan is talking about is from a scale of 0-10 0 being no anxiety or nerves to 10 which is panic. Listen to what happened to him. Duncan started with high level social anxiety. He was off work on prolonged sick leave and was largely agrophobic when he started.

 They did it and you can - guaranteed.


 Listen to what KellyAnn has to say about just one technique!: KellyAnn wouldn't go out at all when we started. She is now living a life free from any anxiety.

And this from Laura after 10 days: Laura had been suffering panic attacks and high levels of social anxiety.

You could be sounding like this in days...


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