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By Ivor Gotajobski


Never pass another interview again. No longer do you need to fumble through an interview worried in case you actually get through and end up with a job, trytry orderorder promotion or even pass an exam. Now you can be certain of failure with the new Interview Fail Programme.


Failure isn't easy - well it wasn't until now


"It is a common misperception that it is easy to fail an interview. We hear stories all the time of people who end up with jobs, eded getting promoted or passing oral exams." States Dr. David Wilkinson, sovaldisovaldi director and originator of The Fear Course ( and designer of the popular Interview Fail Programme.

"There really is no need for this level of success" David continues "With a little application and knowhow people should be failing at least 90% of interviews. In fact if they follow our entire programme I can personally guarantee they will never pass another interview again."


3 Levels of expertise


There are three levels of qualification on the new course:

1.     Bronze - Interview Failure Basics: Here we teach you the fundamental tricks of the trade. With these we will guarantee you will be failing over 90% of those pesky interviews.

2.     Silver - Intermediate Interview Failure Techniques and Tools. This programme is for people who want to go further with their skills and knowledge and get to a round 99% interview failure rate.

3.      Gold - Interview Failure Programme - Master Practitioner Certificate: This programme is guaranteed to have you failing that interview before you have even opened your mouth.




Dr. Wilkinson designed the programme after an incident where he personally witnessed the distress caused by success. "Helen was a lovely girl. Care free, relaxed and kind. That was until she got through an interview and ended up with a ‘job'. The job changed Helen so much I couldn't recognise her when I saw her just weeks later. She turned from a happy-go-lucky smoothed faces youth into a stressed, wrinkled person with "responsibilities" and "accountabilities".  It is so sad and it just doesn't have to be this way, which is why I put the programme together."





Success of the Interview Fail Programme


The Interview Fail Programme is the first of it's kind in the country and has already attracted the interest of a number of universities and companies who want to run it.


The course brings together a number of experts all with specialist knowledge of how to fail interviews. The course covers innovative topics like:

  • Increasing your nerves and anxiety before the interview
  • How to get that all important blank mind on the day
  • Creative incompetent answers to competency based interviews
  • The 4 pillows of failure
  • Dressing down or over the top - your choice
  • Success and how to avoid it like the plague
  • The 10 most popular instant fail techniques
  • Interview magic to watch out for - how they trick you into success


4 Elephants of Failure


Extensive research has shown that there are just 4 elements to failing an interview:

1.     Nerves are the biggy. If you can get nervous enough you can practically guarantee failure. However for some people this alone is not enough and sometime success can still occur. The good thing about nerves is it can turn you into a yabbering idiot in seconds and create that all-important mind fade or even the much sought after totally blank mind syndrome.

2.     Never ever prepare or better still go armed with a head load of facts about another company, better still a competitor.

3.     Be unimpressive. The last thing you want is to be remembered when it comes to the final choice. The quicker you eliminate yourself the better.

4.     There are rules of the interview game. It is important you know these and learn how to systematically break them one by one.




However all is not so rosy in Dr. Wilkinson's garden. There have been more and more reports of participants on his programme actually failing by succeeding. I spoke to one participant, John Hedges of 34 Crumlin Road, Lutterworth, who asked to remain anonymous. John, who I will call Jon to hide his identity, told me he did the programme and was shocked when he got a job first time. There are other reports up and down the country of people getting jobs, being promoted and passing oral exams.


After some research on Google I then discovered that The Fear Course was designed to eradicate nerves and anxiety not instil them. Not only that but Wilkinson is also covertly running the VIP Interview Success Programme.

So there you have it interview success or failure. It's your choice.

If you wish to succeed by failing; do nothing

If you want to fail by succeeding; go to or call 020 8938 3590 now.




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