How the Fear Course Works

How the Fear Course works: The fear course works by showing you how to use what you already have.

Many people don't realise that they have everything they need to be able to achieve exquisite control over their own emotions; that they do not have to be the victims of their emotions.  I just show them how to use what they have naturally in a natural way.

An example

You know those times when you are about to go somewhere new or do something and you get anxious or nervous about it, discountdiscount doctordoctor like going on holiday to a foreign country for the first time, viagra buyviagra buy buy cialisbuy cialis or moving to a new neighbourhood, or a new job for instance? The anxiety can build to quite a pitch over some considerable time.
And then once you have done that thing you find that your fears aren't realised. That it is quite okay or even enjoyable. The fears then just disappear somehow.  Naturally, without you having to do anything. This process of the fears decreasing naturally is known as ‘dishabituation though experience'.

So if you have a fear of flying or a fear of public speaking or any other fear one way to deal with it is keep doing it. Eventually, the more you do it, you will get over the fear. It will naturally dishabituate.

A big problem

The problem is that this takes time, often a long time and it means you have to keep feeling the fear as you go through the process and one bad or even mildly bad experience can make the fear worse again, making the process even longer.

Years of Research

When I ran a department at Cranfield University one of my jobs was to train disaster managers and emergency service leaders around the world. As a result of this I needed to find out what it was that really good disaster managers have that average and poor ones don't have. To cut a long story very short the main differentiating factor is emotional resilience.

This meant I had to work out how to help disaster managers and emergency leaders develop emotional resilience. This led to a four-year project to discover the techniques involved. These techniques were collected from around the world, tested, tweaked and tested again until we had them just right.

Criteria to include a technique on the course

I set five very strict criteria for inclusion of techniques on the course. These were and still are:

1.    The techniques have to be able to be done by the individuals themselves.
2.    They have to work quickly, within seconds.
3.    They have to work in the moment in the field. No equipment, extra resources, books or difficult instructions are allowed. These people do not have time in the middle of a disaster to go and lie down in a darkened room or see a therapist to deal with their fears and anxieties. We need techniques anyone can do anywhere at any time, even in the middle of a task.
4.    The techniques had to be robust and work in the most exacting circumstances.
5.    They have to be able to deal with some deep-rooted fears.

Many of the finest disaster managers and emergency service leaders around the world have been taught these techniques.

Speeding up a natural fear reduction process.

What I hadn't realised at the time was I had set the criteria for speeding up natural processes for reducing or dishabituating fear, anxiety and even panic, which is what I discovered; how to help the brain and body speed up the dishabituation process. In many cases this can be done in seconds. There is one exception which is a very powerful technique I invented through trial and error to dishabituate fear triggers permanently. This does take a month to completely disable deep seated fear triggers but starts to work immediately. All the other techniques work at once.

Toolkit for you

The whole collection of techniques gives people a unique and very powerful toolkit of fear killing techniques, which are now used, around the world. What do is show you how to speed up what happens naturally over time without the pain keep on having to do hundreds of job interviews, driving tests or flights for examples. It is a series of very natural processes, which are easily mastered to create a very powerful toolkit you can use whenever and where ever you need.


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