Fear of Change

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The number one headache for any organisations engaging in change programmes is the reaction of it's employees. Many people hate change and resist it at all costs. Even after a mass of good communications about the change and training programmes there is resistance to change. People often don't change what they do and continue to work in the ways they were before the change programme.

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In conjunction with Centre iCentre i we have prepared a number of special guides to help you with your organisational change programme. To get the complete series, buy viagrabuy viagra as a gift (worth £235) to you, casecase with the compliments of The Fear Course team simply fill in you name and email address below. The first seven guides cover the following topics:

  1. How fear works and stops work
  2. Risk, uncertainty and fear in change situations
  3. Emotional resilience - what it is
  4. How managers, leaders and others instill the fear of change unconciously
  5. Organisational change and fear
  6. Some case studies
  7. How to increase resilience in organisations

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