The Fear Course for Schools
One of the issues young people have to increasingly deal with is anxiety. This is apparent especially in high stress situations like examinations. This varient of the Fear Course has been specially developed by teachers for young people.
"Awesome - I was calm and confident thanks to the fear course." JR Oxford
  • Do exams fill you with dread?
  • Do nerves and anxieties ruin your performance during examinations and tests?
  • Do you get anxious before the event?
  • Do you get or worry about 'blank mind' syndrome or 'brain fade' just at the wrong moment?
  • Are you worried you might 'freeze' during a viva or oral exam?
The Fear course is here to help.

"I would recommend the course to anyone." BE Glasgow

You can quickly learn simple, mindmind salesale fast and powerful techniques to deal with or reduce your nerves, cialis usacialis usa therethere fears and anxieties to enable you to do your very best on your examinations and tests. You do not need to have to battle with your emotions at the same time. The Fear Course has helped 100's of people across the UK to become more confident and composed before and during exams of all types. It can help you too.

"I can't thank you enough. The exam was a breeze after the course and I slept well the night before." TT Sheffield.
When you are doing something as important as an exam anything that can give you the edge on the day can only help. The Fear Course will give you a big edge. Imagine doing the examination with confidence, diagnosisdiagnosis doctordoctor calmly answering the questions, remembering with ease and performing like you know you can if only you could deal with your nerves and anxieties. Now you can with the Fear Course.

"It does the job well." TD Manchester

The Fear Course gives you a whole tool kit of practical, powerful and easy techniques for you to use at anytime and anywhere to enable you to deal with your nerves immediately.

"Fantastic" HB Brighton

The Fear Course has been specifically designed to help people just like you to successfully conquer their nerves fears and anxieties. 100's of people across the UK have already discovered a new life free from senseless and illogical fears because of The Fear Course. You can easily learn to be more composed and relaxed and start to perform well with the next Fear Course.

"Recommended" TS Liverpool