The Fear Course for Universities

The most popular staff development event in many universities

Some of the highest participant evaluations


"The best workshop I have been on" Greta Lansdowne, deceasedecease no rxno rx Lecturer Reading University


Fears, sildenafilsildenafil Anxieties and Nerves; Developing Emotional Resilience

"I have been to a lot of staff development days here but this has been the most useful. Every member of staff should do this" Sally Wardle, Researcher, University of Oxford

The thing that frequently holds people back, restricting their success and affects working lives more than any other issue are negative emotions like fear, nerves and anxieties.

This unique, positive and compelling one-day workshop shows people how to deal with their negative emotions quickly and effectively and acquire valuable emotional resilience when they need it.

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"I want you to know that my first lecture after the workshop went swimmingly. I wasn't nervous at all. I can't thank you enough." Millie Reynolds, Lecturer,University of Birmingham

We have a long and successful association with universities across the UK. We provide expert academic and non-academic staff development for many universities including Oxford, Oxford Brookes, Cardiff, Liverpool John Moores, Reading, York, Essex, Portsmouth and more. This workshop is by far our most popular.

"Everyone should do this course - amazing" Noel Tranter, Researcher Manchester University

David Wilkinson is a very experienced staff developer and facilitator who has been working in University Staff Development for many years. Initially he was a Senior Lecturer at the Oxford Centre for Staff & Learning Development and more latterly was Head of Professional Development at Cranfield University before developing The Fear Course.

"I was a lot calmer during the lecture. Thank you" David Snowden, Lecturer, Cardiff University

The Fear Course

This is a very popular and specialist one-day course aimed at anyone who is required to do presentations, lecturing to large groups, teaching and find that they are suffering from ‘nerves’ or other fears.

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"A very enjoyable practical and useful day. Recommended" Olif Fraan, Lecturer LSE London

The aim

of The Fear Course is to help participants deal with their own feelings and emotions so that they can concentrate on developing learning interventions for their students.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this workshops participants will be able to:
•    Analyse the nature of their own fears
•    Evaluate and find what triggers their own ‘nerves’ or feelings of anxiety
•    Know what other medical and non-medical issues can create anxiety like symptoms
•    Apply a range of techniques to reduce or eliminate feelings of fear, nervousness, worry or anxiety
•    Use a number of ‘emergency’ techniques to regain emotional control quickly.
•    Know how to form new positive habits.

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"Well worth doing. I am telling everyone in the department about it." Hanna King, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford University

The Course

The workshop was initially designed for the emergency services and disaster workers who have to control their fears in a range of exacting situations. Following requests from academics for help dealing with their anxieties and fears when lecturing to large groups, giving research presentations and similar situations. The HE version of the course was piloted in a number of universities and has quickly become a very popular workshop that consistently gets excellent feedback ratings. A number of Universities are now running this course regularly throughout the year.

"I really enjoyed the day. We would like you to run a series of workshops for the post-graduates in the university" ED Liverpool University


The workshop is often branded differently in different universities to suit their culture and needs. Some the currently used titles for the workshop include:

  • How to be calm and composed in any situation
  • FANDER: Fears, Anxieties and Nerves; Developing Emotional Resilience
  • Lecturing without the nerves: A workshop
  • Dealing with your nerves and anxieties
  • How to have emotional resilience at will
  • The Fear Course
  • How to deal with your emotions

Post-course support

The course participants are provided with a detailed hand/workbook for use during the course and for later reference. Additionally there is post-course support in the form of an online support area that contains a discussion board that the tutors frequent. Other resources like handbook updates, small videos of the essential techniques and other resources are currently being developed. This is all included in the price.

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"What a great course. It has really helped me with presentations and meetings. Thank you" WP Reader Leeds University


Our aim is to give outstanding value for money.  On our open courses we charge only £155.00 per participant including VAT, the hand/workbook and post-course support. This would translate to £3100.00 per workshop for 20 people, which is what we charge corporate clients.

We have two special academic pricing options available for you.

  1. The full course – we provide all the materials, the workshop and the post-course support for only £999 (+ Vat, travel & accommodation) for up to 20 people. Making the workshop outstanding value for money of only £49.75 per person.
  2. The full course (you print the handbooks – we will send you a master copy) we provide the workshop and the post-course support for only £899 (+ Vat, travel & accommodation) for up to 20 people. Making the workshop even more outstanding value for money of only £44 per person!


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"We would like to book you to do run the Fear Course on the PGCE" PT GlasgowGuarantee

Feedback from participants includes the following comments:
"The Fear Course has given me my life back. Thank you."
"Does what it says on the tin."
"A very relaxed and relaxing course that sets just the right atmosphere."

"It works!"
"This has without doubt been one of the best courses I have attended."
"Just thank you."

Feedback from Staff Developers include:

"I would like to thank you for all the training you provide for the LASS Graduate School. Your personable nature has made it a pleasure to work with you, and the quality of your training not only benefits many of our students but also ensures our Training Programme is something for us to be proud of." Samantha Cottee, Faculty of Law, Arts and Social Sciences, University of Southampton.

"We have filled the course in just two days, could we have some more dates please?"

"The feedback is excellent"

"We would like to book the course once a term from now on and also would like to ask you if you could run one every year for our new lecturing staff on the PGCHE. Your course has one of the highest feedback ratings.."

"I came on the first course and I was really impressed. The staff who came on it have been raving about it ever since. Could you send us some dates for next academic year. I think we have enough interest to put one on a term for the forseeable future."

"We need some more dates from you. Ever since the course you ran last month the waiting list has exploded. I think it is now the longest waiting list we have."

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