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"Amazing. These techniques work immediately." Ruth Brittain, deceasedecease cialis usacialis usa HR manager, treatmenttreatment salessales Derby

Develop powerful emotional resilience quickly and easily. The Fear Course Online gives you everything you need to be calm and composed in any situation. Start right now. By the end of today you will have everything you need to return you to a calm and composed state, easily.

You will learn the secrets that we teach the emergency services and disaster managers around the world.

You will learn the quick and easy techniques that thousands of people have discovered on our live course from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office. The Fear Course is the ONLY fully research based practical solution specifically designed for the public.




"It's like having an emergency repair kit for humans!" Jerry Evans, Radio Technician, Cardiff

What's in the course?

Using video, audio, downloads and handouts we show you how to get control of your emaotions quickly so that you can be calm in any situation and perform without nerves and anxiety, just like you see others doing.

The online course has even more than the live day course contains, and as you get unlimited access (there are no time limits) - if you want to come back to something in a year or check on our latest materials at anytime, you can. Whenever you wish and it is all included in the price.



The course is divided into 4 stages:

Introductory stage - this gives you all the help you need to do the course successfully

Stage two of the actual course is a real eye-opener for many people. Here we show you exactly what is happening to you when you get nervous, anxious or panic. You will also find out how we learn our fears and how we activate them. Everyone says how helpful these sessions are.


"Being in control of my emotions at last is fantastic. It feels very good." Kelly Brown, Team Leader, Oxford.

Stage three looks at what triggers your individual fears and how to find your particular fear triggers. This is a very powerful part of the course and we find that this stage on its own starts to positively effect people's emotions. Even before they have learnt the techniques.


The forth stage is a whole selection of powerful techniques each one researched and tested. Many of these techniques were developed by Dr. Wilkinson for the emergency services. These ones have to work in the moment and work quickly which they do. We give you a series of long term strategies to makesure you remain confident and calm and emergency techniques for those moments you find yourself getting fearful or nervous.


"Talk about value for money. This course has changed my life, no longer am I not doing things because of my fears. Thank you." Jill Sands, Lancaster

BONUS: Having got rid of the fears, nerves and panics we also show you how to develop the habits of a calm, confident person with a free year long programme to develop the habits of confidence. Many people say that the course is worth doing for this stage alone, as it makes such a tremendous difference.


Each session is a self contained package of video and or audio tutorial, as well as instructions and support. Many of the sessions include downloads so that you can take the materials with you on your phone, tablet or similar player.





By the end of today you will have every thing you need to deal with your anxieties, fears, nervousness and even panic attacks - guaranteed.

Get unlimited 24/7 anywhere access to your freedom from fears, anxiety and nerves now.

Works on all devices.

Summer 2014 Special



The Fear Course the only service that is:

? Fully research based - you get tried and tested techniques and expert help . We are the experts in emotional resilience and are actively involved in research and developing new techniques.

? Continually kept up-to-date with the best techniques - You get the most effective, practical and best techniques.

? Offers a 100% cast iron, no quibble money back guarantee - You get safety - We know it works and 1000's of people up and down the country can vouch for that.

? The Fear Course is run in universities around the world, some even licence the course from us - it's that good. You get a solid, dependable and trusted way to deal with your nerves and anxieties.

? We train the emergency services and disaster / crisis managers - and they don't have time to sit down in a darkened room for weeks - most of our techniques work in the moment - they have to. You get fast effective techniques.

? Guaranteed to be the best because we buy and test every other similar service and product out there - just to make sure. You get the best - guaranteed.