Student Support

Helping students deal with:Students

  • Examination nerves and anxieties
  • Doing presentations, capsulecapsule eded tutorials and talking about their research
  • Viva's and oral examinations
  • Other fears, tadalafiltadalafil nerves and anxieties
"I went on the workshop and as a consequence brought it in-house for all our students. It is now our most popular course - by far." GC Liverpool University
Like most universities student development is a vital core issue. Helping the student to be able to deal successfully with their emotions is a key and often neglected element of this. The one thing that auses most students problems is often not the intellectual challange, but rather their anxieties, no matter how irrational. The Fear Course is a highly successful one day event that helps the students to practically reduce their anxieties, fears and nerves, be it for issues like doing presentations or examination, performance or social anxieties, or any other fear or anxiety.
"The feedback on the course you ran for our students has been excellent. We need to book some new dates with you." HS London
As you will know a lot of student support is taken up simply trying to allay the students fears. Helping students deal with their anxieties, nerves and fears is perhaps the key which can unlock a whole host of things within the student. It directly contributes to their confidence, lack of stress and happiness. The Fear Course is a specialist one day event that gets great results with students, quickly.
"This is an amazing workshop. Our students are showing a lot more confidence already and it's only been a few days since they did it." JS Oxford

The aim

of The Fear Course is to help participants deal with their own feelings and emotions so that they can concentrate on developing learning interventions for their students.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this workshops participants will be able to:
•    Analyse the nature of their own fears
•    Evaluate and find what triggers their own ‘nerves’ or feelings of anxiety
•    Know what other medical and non-medical issues can create anxiety like symptoms
•    Apply a range of techniques to reduce or eliminate feelings of fear, nervousness, worry or anxiety
•    Use a number of ‘emergency’ techniques to regain emotional control quickly.
•    Know how to form new positive habits.

"Well worth doing. I am telling everyone in the department about it." HK Oxford University

The Course

The workshop was initially designed for the emergency services and disaster workers who have to control their fears in a range of exacting situations. Following requests from academics for help dealing with their anxieties and fears when lecturing to large groups, giving research presentations and similar situations. The HE version of the course was piloted in a number of universities and has quickly become a very popular workshop that consistently gets excellent feedback ratings. A number of Universities are now running this course regularly throughout the year.

"I really enjoyed the day. We would like you to run a series of workshops for the post-graduates in the university" ED Liverpool University

Post-course support

The course participants are provided with a detailed hand/workbook for use during the course and for later reference. Additionally there is post-course support in the form of an online support area that contains a discussion board that the tutors frequent as well as other resources like handbook updates, small videos of the essential techniques and other resources. This is all included in the price.

"What a great course. It has really helped me with presentations and meetings. Thank you" WP Reader Leeds University


Our aim is to give outstanding value for money.  On our open courses we charge only £155.00 per participant including VAT, the hand/workbook and post-course support. This would translate to £3100.00 per workshop for 20 people, which is what we charge corporate clients.

We have two special academic pricing options available for you.

  1. The full course – we provide all the materials, the workshop and the post-course support for only £999 (+ Vat, travel & accommodation) for up to 20 people. Making the workshop outstanding value for money of only £49.75 per person.
  2. The full course (you print the handbooks – we will send you a master copy) we provide the workshop and the post-course support for only £899 (+ Vat, travel & accommodation) for up to 20 people. Making the workshop even more outstanding value for money of only £44 per person!

"We would like to book you to do run the Fear Course on the PGCE" PT Glasgow


Book with confidence

Feedback includes the following comments:
The Fear Course has given me my life back. Thank you.
Does what it says on the tin.
A very relaxed and relaxing course that sets just the right atmosphere.

It works!
This has without doubt been one of the best courses I have attended.
Just thank you.

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