Why is the cost of the course so reasonable?

We did a few calculations about why training courses are so expensive (typically you will pay £395 - £1475 for a one day workshop). What we found was that the vast majority (approx 80%) of the cost of a course goes on two things:

  1. Expensive venues like hotels
  2. The high cost of refreshments especially lunch.

When we looked at the lunch we discovered that the vast majority of poor feedback from courses was as a result of the catering. Additionally we found that the wastage on the lunch was horrendous. Anywhere between 30% - 60% of the food on most courses is thrown away. Just from an ethical point of view we find this unacceptable.

What we have done to keep the costs down for you and reduce wastage is remove lunch and hold the courses at good venues that are better value. Simple!



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