Wedding Nerves: The Groom







We recently conducted a six-month research study to analyse wedding nerves and their impact. During the study we looked at wedding nerves and anxiety from a variety of perspectives:

  1. The Bride
  2. The Groom
  3. The Best Man
  4. The father of the bride
  5. The mothers

And we are currently conducting research about wedding nerves and anxieties from the perspective of the bridesmaids.

When we turned our attention to the Grooms' we found a somewhat different picture and a very interesting side issue that only affected the grooms. The initial results showed:

  • 93% of men about to get married suffer from some form of nerves at some stage before or during the ceremony.
  • About 16%, no rxno rx doctordoctor have panic attacks at some point before the ceremony and
  • 2% reported having a panic attack during the ceremony.
  • We also found 34% of grooms are so nervous that they forget their own or their brides' name during the ceremony even though they are just repeating what someone else is saying!
  • 71% of grooms got the words mixed up in some form or put the ring on the wrong finger or even the wrong hand!

The speech:

  • 98% of the grooms said they were nervous about the speech
  • 13% of grooms froze at some stage during the speech.
  • 43% said that they missed out or messed up part of the speech due to nerves.
  • 8% didn't get up and do the speech because of their nerves and,
  • 77% said that if it hadn't been for their nerves they would have performed better and wished they could do it again.

So what were the grooms anxious about?

Top 10 Wedding Anxieties

The top ten most frequent reasons for grooms having wedding nerves, were, in reverse order:


10. Forgetting the rings.

9. Being late and getting to the church after the bride

8. Relatives falling out or not getting on or being judgemental about his family or him.

7. Just being in front of people - the centre of attention

6. Doing something stupid in front of people

5. Falling over in front of people

4, Freezing or feinting during the ceremony

3. Friends pulling a stupid prank

2. The bride not turning up on the wedding day

1. Delivering the speech or speech related fears.


In the next guide I will look at the wedding nerves of the best man.

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