What to expect when you attend

"People love The Fear Course"

What to expect on the day


"The best workshop I have been on" GR Lecturer Reading University

The Fear Course is anything but scary. It is run in a very gentle, salvesalve sovaldi salesovaldi sale humorous and human way.

"I have been to a lot of staff development days here but this has been the most useful and enjoyable. Every member of staff should do this" FG Oxford

The thing that frequently holds people back, storestore restricting their success and affects working lives more than any other issue are negative emotions like fear, nerves and anxieties.

This unique, positive and compelling one-day workshop shows people how to deal with their negative emotions quickly and effectively and acquire valuable emotional resilience when they need it.

"I want you to know that my first lecture after the workshop went swimmingly. I wasn't nervous at all. I can't thank you enough." MR Birmingham

We run The Fear Course in a number of organisations and  the organisers tell us that The Fear Course is the most popular event they run. It usually has long waiting lists after the first event has run.

"Everyone should do this course - amazing" NT Researcher Manchester University

What happens - The Programme

Part 1

In the first part of the morning you will discover what happens when we get scared and why people suffer from fear, anxiety and nerves.

"The stuff about fear in the morning was facinating. I had no idea fear could be so interesting!" Dan Grewcock - York.

Part 2

Then you will start to find out what triggers your own fears and nerves. Everyone is different and everyone has their own triggers. People are almost always suprised about what their personal triggers are.

"When we did the triggers I was thinking like 'Well I know what triggers my fear - it's public speaking'. How wrong was I? I was really amazed when I found my triggers. It all makes so much sense now." Carly Johnstone - London

Part 3

The rest of the day is then taken up with learning the techniqies for killing your triggers, exactly how to reduce fear, anxiety, nerves and even panic attacks. You will go away with a complete toolkit of fear busting techniques, every single one of which work. Most of the techniques work immediatly and you will feel them working as you do them. Everything we teach on the workshop is 100% natural and can be done by anyone anywhere. The techniques are powerful and have helped 1000's of people deal with their nerves around the world.

"For me I was only going to be convinced once I saw the techniques. I have to say I am impressed. They have really helped me. They are quick, sensible and best of all anyone can do them." Lizzy Waters - Washington

The day is very interactive and we keep the numbers of participants low which means that you will be able to have your questions answered and get some personal attention from the tutors.

Other things to know about the day and what to bring.

  1. Dress is casual. Please make sure that you are comfortable.
  2. Bring a pen and a smile
  3. You will be provided with a playbook which also acts as a reference
  4. It is a fun, interesting and useful day. Everyone enjoys it.
  5. On the public course we provide tea and coffee but you need to get your own lunch (we always hold the courses close to food getting places) or bring your own. (see Why is the cost of the course so reasonable?)
  6. On most (not all) corporate or organisational events the organisers provide lunch. Please check with your organiser.

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Feedback from participants includes the following comments:
"The Fear Course has given me my life back. Thank you."
"Does what it says on the tin."
"A very relaxed and relaxing course that sets just the right atmosphere."

"It works!"
"This has without doubt been one of the best courses I have attended."
"Just thank you."

Feedback from Staff Developers / organisers include:

"We have filled the course in just two days, could we have some more dates please?"

"The feedback is excellent"

"We would like to book the course once a term from now on and also would like to ask you if you could run one every year for our new lecturing staff on the PGCHE. Your course has one of the highest feedback ratings.."

"I came on the first course and I was really impressed. The staff who came on it have been raving about it ever since. Could you send us some dates for next year. I think we have enough interest to put one on a term for the foreseeable future."

"We need some more dates from you. Ever since the course you ran last month the waiting list has exploded. I think it is now the longest waiting list we have."


Learn to take control better with the Fear Course.

Do the Online Fear Course or attend The Fear Course Live.

You can learn to take control of your emotions at will, when and where you want from the experts.

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