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Vitamin C and anxiety, depression and mood disorders

Vitamin C and anxiety, depression and mood disorders

There have been a number of suggestions (and papers) that the intake of vitamins can help with mood problems, anxiety, depression, emotion regulation and emotional resilience and a number of other cognitive disorders. The most likely candidates are vitamins B, C and D. 

In a paper published yesterday in The American Journal of Nutrition, four teams of scientists from the US and Canada conducted a series of trials on acutely hospitalised patents looking at the effects of Vitamins C & D on mood, anxiety and distress in patients. They prescribed Vitamin C (500 mg) twice a day for ten days. The vitamin C trails had a significant effect on the mood, levels of anxiety and distress on those patients. The Vitamin D trials were abandoned as they were unable to raise the levels of Vitamin D high enough in the patients in that period to gather the data needed.  

The patients involved in the trail were considered to have low levels of vitamin C and D at the outset of the trials.

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